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Orwell View Barns
Orwell View Barns

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Shotley Peninsula Tours

www.shotleypeninsulartours.com Tel: 01473787375

Shotley Peninsula Tours takes you on a journey to find out why Anne Boleyn left her heart in Erwarton, the reason for monkeys marking the entrance to a famous old house, what it was that inspired author Arthur Ransome and why George Orwell took his name from the river.

Discover the stories behind the graves, including German sailors, at the war cemetery next to St Mary's Church.

Hear tales of the Royal Navy's 150 year presence and visit the Ganges Museum, complete with a Victoria Cross on show.

Find out why royalty and celebrities such as Rudyard Kipling, Princess Muna al Hussein, wife of the King of Jordan, King Harold, Griff Rhys Jones and Jimmy Doherty among others, have strong connections to Shotley peninsular.

From migrating birds to alpacas, there is an abundance of wildlife on the peninsula.

Photographers, artists, bird-watchers, historians and those who just love sight-seeing away from the beaten track, will be enthralled at all this and a lot, lot more on our day-long tour.

See the Shotley Peninsula Tour itinerary. Or call 07824167196 to book for more details

River Orwell, Ipswich

Hazel and Richard Wrinch
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Orwell View Barns
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Sunday 19 January 2020
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